Day 2 – 7.31.18


3 rounds
Snatch press in x3 (snatch sots press)
OHS x3
Squat to T-spine rotations x5/side

A. Snatch Balance – 4×2 (by feel)
B. Snatch from Blocks (above the knee) (3×3@65%, 2×3@70%, 2×3@75% )


This is not in wodify – 38 minutes to complete, courtesy of FRCF

Every minute, on the minute, for 8 minutes
1 Rope Climb w/vest — as heavy as you can do here, using legs

Rest 4 minutes, then…

3 Toes to Bar
3 Burpees
3 Toes to Bar
3 Burpees

Rest 4 minutes, then…

11/8 Cal Bike –goal is ~30 second or less, but same paces for all


  1. Welp…that was…some day.

    Snatch balance- a huge work in progress. Added it to the primer work instead of strength. Do muscle snatch, no feet moving snatch, power snatch and snatch balance as my primer.

    Snatch from blocks- 10# less than percentages listed. Pretty sure I’m not close to a 200# snatch these days so worked off of 185 (which may be a stretch). 120, 130, 140. No misses but footwork was inconsistent.

    Weighted vest – think my best was 30# (assuming the little weights are 5# each- had 6 in there). Took 3 full pulls sometimes 3 and change. Couldn’t get as high of a jump to keep it to 2,5 pulls.

    T2B/burpees. :24-:27. Not a big issues. Shoulders are pretty tight since last Friday and couldn’t really get loose with t2b but all manageable.

    AssBike……….don’t really want to talk about it. Decided to start with 10 cals. Got that the first two rounds (over 80 rpm- knew that wasn’t going to last). Took :23. Went down to 9, then 8 (staying in the :23 time domain). In one round I hit 5 and then decided to do :20 hard(but was embarrassing to be calling it “hard”):40 real easy – last 3 rounds. Was able to keep rpms in the mid 70s with that approach.

  2. Agreed Marc – that was definitely something..

    Primer: done.

    A. 65-85-95-100

    B. 105-115-120
    2 misses on the 2nd set of 120, pulled too hard & missed it behind me but made them up.

    C. Rope climbs: 10# vest. I struggled getting my feet high today because the vest kept getting in the way.

    T2B/Burpees: all around :36. This was much more manageable than the 6 t2b + 6 burpees to target that we did. A few no reps where my left foot didnt quite reach the bar but I didnt make them up, just kept going (I cheated, I know).

    No assbike in the gym so I went for 10 cals on the rower. Fastest round was :26, slowest was :31.

    All of this was very mentally tough for me today.

  3. A. Snatch balance. Worked up to 103#, Marc asked for me to be more solid and hold in the hole so re-did 103# a little better

    B. Stayed with percentages 103-113-120. No misses. Weight was manageable but some form was better than others. Definitely not solid all the way through

    C. Rope climbs with 20#. Weight was manageable. Couldn’t ever make it in 3 pulls, had a tiny pull left to make it to the beam.

    T2B/Burpees. All rounds were around 30-36 seconds. T2B got tougher the later rounds.

    Ass Bike: Stayed with 5 cal/round knowing I would not make 8 cals. I was able to hold that number. Took me around 25 seconds each round. 6 cals might have been doable looking back.


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