Day 4 – 8.2.18

Accessory Work

Rx and Fitness

1st minute: 7-10 Kipping HSPU
2nd minute: 150′ farmer’s carry AHAP
3rd minute: Dual DB OH lunge x12 steps (AHAP)


For time
1500m Row
30 bench press (155, 95)
1000m row
20 bench press
500m row
10 bench press

Courtesy of CFAC

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  1. Did yesterday
    Clean and jerks
    165, 175, 190, 200
    All felt fine

    Front squats – 200, 215, 230, 245 (lower than percentages listed). Butt has been hurting again so didn’t want to push this. Felt ok through 2 reps at 230 – last rep and then all reps at 245 were forward. Still not driving from posterior chain

    WB: UB (didn’t do the 30#. Was the initial weight and forgot to change it and then told John I was going to use the 30…but didn’t)
    MU: UB, UB, 3+2 (missed third)+1, 2+2+2, 2+1

    Upset how quickly my RMU went


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