Day 1 – 8.6.18

All Rx+ is posted on the main blog WOD page. Just trying something new. Please post to the blog there (your blog posts, believe it or now, do help to shape the programming). 

One quick note that Mar and I have been talking about – I realize that Rx+ takes time. It also can be tricky to do Rx+ in a class setting due to the time and sometimes added pieces (or even different pieces). I would even say it can be distracting (namely, as an example, if the class is doing power cleans for the strength and we are in the class but doing snatches then fronts squats then something else and then trying to play catch up to fit in the conditioning). I have a lot of thoughts around this and most of it would be better done in person and in a discussion setting. One thing I will say now – I am re-thinking how Rx+ will be written up. The reality is that, at least how I write the programming, the most benefit would be a 3 days on/1 day off routine for 5 days of work. What I notice (myself included) is that most of us do 3 or 4 days of the programming and skip one day or do Saturday with the class. I am certainly not upset by this but also trying to consider how to best utilize my time. This is just a heads up that there may be some changes in the future (not this week) so that when we are in class, we can be a part of the class not a separation from it. Or you will have to figure out a time to do the work (open gym or 7am or outside of class). 

Let this be heard loud and clear –  I am not upset, I am not bothered…just trying to always think through how to best function and what our goals (including yours) are.

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  1. A) 8:00 completed
    Ring dips got rough quick. Kip felt solid

    B) 175-195-215

    C) 185-205-225
    All of this just felt off today

    7:06 mile. Sad but a PR
    Could not get myself to keep moving on the cleans today. Rested way to much


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