Monday 8.6.18

Monday 8.6.18


A. Push press – 3×3, building
Then, 3×2, building
Push press for all sets. Focus on leg drive and finishing the movement. Reset yourself every time. No touch and go

B. 3 RFT
400m run, 12 DB cleans (30, 20)
This is in wodify as the 2nd metcon 


A. Push Press (3×3, building)

B. Push Jerk (3×2, building)

C For time
Run 1 mile

2 rounds
10 front squats (135, 95)
10 power cleans
This is from the ground. Target time: under 12 minutes


A. Ring muscle ups: Every :30 – 3 RMU (no more than 8 minutes here)

B. Push Press (3×3, building)
C. Push Jerk (3×2, building)

D. Run 1 mile, 20 squats cleans 155,105


  1. A) did 2 instead of three every :30. Made it through 4:30. Can feel them start to go as I fatigue. Need to do more stuff like this to build them up and work on technique.

    B) 135 165 185

    Felt good. Technique work

    C) 185 205 205

    Need to keep working technique. Drippingnunder felt pretty good.

    D) 9:58

    In from run around 7:30, which I was happy with. Had a plan to do quick singles through all twenty and stuck with it. Did touch and go for last two so felt like I could have pushed a tiny bit more if needed. Good workout.

  2. A. Wasn’t able to get any today, ugh.

    B. 105-115-125 (this was my 1 RM)
    Went for 130 but I was only able to get 1, but it’s a new max!

    C. 135-145-160 (new 2 RM)
    These have been feeling so solid, loving them!

    D. 11:02 RX+
    Doing this at 2pm was miserable in the heat but I managed to run an 8 min mile then the cleans in 3 minutes, this was fun!
    I got a cramp within the first minute of the run, definitely didn’t hydrate enough. I would love to try this again.

    Then I jumped into the main class & did:
    21-15-9-15-21 (15min cap)
    Goblet squats (70/53 holding the KB by the handle right-side up)
    Box Jumps

    Time= 14:24

    Holding the KB by the handle was incredibly fatiguing!! Biceps were blown up by the end of the workout. I paced this really well at the beginning because I knew the workout was going to be the pull-ups. Mostly butterfly in sets of 2-3 with a few kipping reps in there. Fun!


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