Tuesday 8.7.18

Tuesday 8.7.18

I don’t do this often…but happy 14th year anniversary to that lady with the mustache!



A1. OH barbell walk x50′
A2. Hang power snatch x3
Superset these two. Do a set of OH walks (the closest pole to the farthest) and then complete a set of hang power snatches. Stay as light as you need here. Get comfortable with the movement


B. 5 RFT
12 Wall Ball
50 single unders
20/17 cal row



Snatch from Blocks (above the knee)
4-6 sets, build from last week if you can


15 wall balls (20, 14)
35 double unders
24/20 cal row



A. Snatch from blocks 2×3@65%, 1×3@70%, 1×3@75%

B. Snatch – 2×3 @ 80%
These are full snatches from the ground


6 rounds
13 wall balls (30, 20)
35 double unders
13/11 cals bike
rest 2 minutes
I say this frequently and it seems it doesn’t stick…These HAVE TO BE the same times each round. Do the work to start figuring out sustainable pacing. If you think you will need to break wall balls by the end, break them up in round 1. If you will end up at 60 rpms on the bike, then do 60 rpms in round 1. 


  1. A and B done after the workout

    A) 125/135/145

    B) 155

    C) 11:06

    1:54 (WB 7+6, AB 65-67 rpm)
    1:51 (ub, 67-68 rpm)
    1:43 (ub, 67-71 rpm)
    1:52 (ub, 64-67 rpm)
    1:55 (10+2+1, 63-69 rpm)
    1:51 (ub, 65-76 rpm)

    The misses on WBs were all from losing my grip on the ball on the way down. Goal was to keep the bike between 65 and 68 RPMs. For the most part I’m happy with how this went – i just need to be able to maintain a faster pace on the bike

    • A) 145 145 155 170

      Felt ok today. Was doing them fatigued because I did them after the workout. Good to try them in a situation where I wasn’t fresh though.

      B) 180×1

      Was very fatigued by this point and hit the first one but had to walk it forward 5 feet. Missed the second one and decided to call it a day.

      C) Average 1:46. Fastest 1:41. Slowest 1:50

      Prettt happy with only a nine second spread on the six rounds. Consistent pacing is something that I really need to work on. WB and DU all unbroken as planned. Wanted to stay above 70 on the AB and did. Feel like in a workout with the AB in it I should try to live above 70 (depending on the workout). It’s challenging but something I can definitely do.

  2. Weird snatching day – this rip on my left thumb is taking a while to heal so I couldn’t hook grip today & it felt strange.

    A. 105-115oxoo-120

    B. 130 across (3 total misses but made them all up).

    C. 11:40 RX (really need an assbike here).
    First round was 2:09 then the rest were 2:15ish because I tripped on every round of dubs except the first. WB all unbroken & rows all around 1:10.


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