Thursday 8.9.18

Thursday 8.9.18

Today’s focus is skill and conditioning

Fitness and Rx


A. Toes to bar – 10 minutes (EMOM)

1. If you have toes to bar and would like to work on them: 5 toes to bar
2. If you are proficient at toes to bar and have bar muscle ups: 3 toes to bar + 1 bar muscle (unbroken complex)
3. If you would like to work on toes to bar (stringing them or otherwise) – Banded toes to bar


12 power snatch (95, 65) -> fitness (DB snatch)
16 burpees over the rower
21/18 cal row
*Every 4 minutes (including 0:00), 200m run


Focus is conditioning today. Again, sustainable work is the goal. Each block within itself should be similar

6 rounds
Every 1:30
3 Power snatch (145, 100)
6 OH lunges (same barbell)
9 chest to bar pull ups
Each round should be identical. 

Rest 3 minutes, then

4 rounds
2:15 minutes to complete: 500/475m row, in remaining time, burpees over the rower

Rest minutes, then

3 rounds
On the 3 minutes: 400m run


  1. First day back. Kept the All Day in the IPA and paying for that (and the pop tarts and the enchiladas and the bags of chips and the….well you can just about fill in the blank). 4+6 on the workout. Felt pretty consistent until the 4th round. Kept track of each round but a tough gauge because two of the rounds I had to run twice.

    Also did the push press and push jerks from Monday. Definitely still sore from the workout I did at Crossfit Hyannis. May see that one next week!

  2. Did yesterday’s strength and power

    A) 185 205 220 235

    All good lifts. Had to focus on good form on the jerks as the weight got heavier. Very happy with how these felt. Liked doing the clean lift off before the clean. Kind of got me amped up for the clean and they felt light which put me in a good place mentally for the cleans.

    B) 255 270 285 300

    All successful front squats. Legs were tired today so very happy to hit all these. Loving the heavy squatting once a week. Was a challenge but felt good.


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