Friday 8.10.18

Friday 8.10.18
  • Saturday – there will be NO CLASS as many athletes are doing the Hula Hustle or Red Rock Triathlon.
  • Saturday night – 5PM. COME OUT AND CELEBRATE WITH Coach Lea at Acapulcos in Milford. This is her last week of coaching before she moves to CT and we will send her off the Rowdies way! If Candra has anything to do with this…some may end up at Pinz.

Fitness and Rx


A. AMRAP 8 (teams of 2)
10 situps
7 bench press (135, 80) ->scale weight as needed, use dumbbells if more comfortable

*switch after full round



12 OH lunges (75, 55)
20 bar hops
10/5 ring dips
*alternate movements

Fitness: Goblet lunges, bar h0ps, push ups



A. Power Clean (2×3 65%, 2×3@70%, 2×3 @ 75% (of clean) )

B. Clean Grip Deadlift (4×3 (work to be a bit heavier than last week))

Use hook grip

C. Shoulder Press (3×6)


D. EMOM 10
1st: 7 Power clean and jerk (95, 65) + 2 bar muscle ups
2nd: 20 double unders + 7 thrusters (95, 65)


  1. A. 120-130-135
    No issue. All touch n go with no hook grip.

    B. 215-235-245-255
    10# more than last week. Belt for the last 2 sets.

    C. 55-75-80
    Came up on my toes the last rep at 80. Biggest weakness, grrr.

    D. Around 35s per round but I only did 1 BMU each round but everything else was unbroken.

  2. A) 145 157 167

    Did power snatch instead of power clean. Was feeling really run down today and did the cleans yesterday so wanted to snatch. Felt like I had no hip drive. I’m so much better at squat movements than power movements. But have to remember that these were off of fill squat percentages so they were fairly heavy.

    B) 225 255 285 285

    Again did snatch grip DL instead of clean grip. Felt my back was a little compromised last week with the clean grip at such a heavy weight and no reverse grip. Stayed a little on the lighter side. Felt like a decent weight by the end.

    C) 95 135 135(f5)

    95 was going to be a warm up set but then I jumped to 135 and realized I might be in over my head. Had to fight to get the set of six but was glad to get it. Didn’t have high hopes for the second set at 135 so was happy to fight for five of the six.

    D) all done

    Was nervous about this one with how I was feeling today, but it ended up not being too bad. The weight on the bar felt light and the bar muscle ups were all able to be two unbroken attempts.

    HRM 178
    HRA 167


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