Fitness and Rx

A. Gymnastic skill/strength work

Teams of 2
20 Chest to bar pull ups
20 Ring dips
If you do not have chest to bar pull ups, you can do pull ups. If no pull ups do barbell pull ups OR banded strict pull ups. Sub in banded ring dips for ring dips OR box/GHD dips

B. 2 RFT
8 back squats (Bodyweight from rack)
400m run
8 back squats
1 rope climb
5 single arm ring rows/side for rope replacement
Fitness: 8 front rack lunges, 400m run, 8 front rack lunges, 5 single arm ring rows/side


A. For time: 30 ring muscle-ups

Rest 5-8 minutes

B. 7 RFT
1 mile assault bike
7 back squats (Bodyweight from ground)

Rest 5 minutes

Rope Climbs