Hi Lisa and Marc!
I just wanted to let you both know that I have decided to change to a local CrossFit gym that is closer to my apartment.  This decision was really hard for me and I am very sad to be leaving CrossFit Never Doubt because I made such great progess there, but this will ultimately save me a lot of time and money.
You guys are both great motivational coaches that definitely know their stuff!  I always felt I was being pushed, but in an awesome and safe way.  I did a few drop in at some gyms in newton, watertwon, and brighton and none have compared to the training and attention you get at CrossFit Never Doubt.  I hope I can continue to make the same progress on movements and weights as I have in the past 6 months with you guys!!  Thanks again for all your great help and I hope to be able to pop in every once in awhile to visit!  Tell everyone I said hi and I hope to see them again soon!
 – Anna V.

Thank you for building such a great community at CrossFit Never Doubt and for welcoming, coaching and encouraging me as part of it.  Although I tried not to show it much outwardly, I was in a pretty negative place after losing my job in December.  Coming to CFND and building friendships with you, Karen, Ryan, and my other regular workout partners really gave me something to look forward to each week and never failed to put me in a great place mentally & physically each morning.  I am 100% sure that contributed to me feeling better about myself, staying positive and interviewing well in order to get my new job which I am truly excited for.Opens took everything to another level.  It gave me a chance to meet even more great people, be more engaged in the community, surprise myself physical and mentally and definitely gave me motivation to improve and do even better next time…if I opened a box it would have to be called “CrossFit Never Satisfied”, but that is my own issue ;). Thank you for making it such a great experience for everyone – I’m know that they all feel the same way as I do and are so grateful for you leading us and making it so much fun.

– Chris M.

So I may have mentioned, I’m not a big runner. But today, my first day of vacation I went for a very hilly 5k and Pr’d that thing like I never would’ve imagined. I’ve never done a 5k under 30 minutes and haven’t tried in a while…without a running stroller anyways. 25:08! Did under 8 min miles for the first 2, too! Thank you thank you CFND!!!!!

– Mary Lynn F.