100% CrossFit

CrossFit Never Doubt is 100% CrossFit and focused on your complete and overall fitness. In our gym, you won’t find mirrors and giant workout machines, and you won’t ever be left on your own. CrossFit is 100% coached, constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement training. 


In 2009 Head Coach Lisa Mikkelsen was an accomplished runner, triathlete, and open water swimmer. She thought she was in good shape, but then she met CrossFit Endurance’s Brian MacKenzie. He invited her to attend his CrossFit Endurance certification. Looking at CrossFit’s main site  and the CrossFit Endurance’s site, Lisa was reluctant to join.

“I was scared because they were doing crazy workouts with things like 100 pull-ups and barbells. I didn’t know if I could do even one pull-up. Besides, from what I read, CrossFit was almost like a cult!” What Lisa learned was that CrossFit Endurance was employing some of the same training methods she and her husband, ultra-runner Thomas Mikkelsen, had been experimenting with. The CrossFit Endurance approach uses the CrossFit methodology of constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements combined with sport specific training—i.e. running, cycling, multi-sport events, and rowing.

“The approach worked: My results in everything from ultra-distance running to sprint track events were fantastic. Using the POSE method of running, proper technique for cross training, mobility/recovery workouts, and the programming [workout schedules] kept me injury free. And I didn’t have to spend hours and hours training as I’d done with the old-school [long, slow distance] approach I’d used in the past. It amazed me further that after a few short months, I dropped a whole pants size. Who knew?!”