Membership Options

Classes are charged based on the number of classes you want to attend each week.

CrossFit Adult Membership Rates:

Plan Classes Per Week Rate
Two Timer Two $105
Triple Crown Three $135
Whole Enchilada Unlimited $165

Cardio Fit Adult Membership Rates:

Plan Classes Per Week First Month Renewal Rate
Cadio Fit Three $99 $99
Cardio Fit All In Five $129 $129

Adult Class Punchcards are also available:

Punchcard Classes Cost
5 Credit Punchcard 5 $80
10 Credit Punchcard 10 $140

CrossFit Never Doubt Youth Membership Rates:

Plan Classes Per Week Cost
CrossFit Youth Membership 1 1 $65
CrossFit Youth Membership 2 2 $80
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Membership Rules & Conditions:

  • CrossFit Members may attend CrossFit and Cardio Fit. Cardio Fit counts as a class against your membership
  • Renewal is charged on the anniversary of your joining CFND
  • You may put your membership on hold if you travel for 2 weeks or more, or if you provide a doctor’s note for sickness or injury. We may not put a hold on your account for longer than 2 months
  • Cancellation of membership requires 3 days notice before renewal date
  • Discounts of 10% are available for first responders, active military, and teachers for the Triple Crown and Whole Enchilada memberships respectively
  • Families with more than one child attending youth classes receive a 10% discount on memberships for the second and subsequent children
  • The same “Membership Hold” rules are available for Youth Memberships, but if a class is missed while not on hold, the class may not be “made up.”