Our youth programming puts an emphasis on bone density and vestibular system (balance) development. When kids and teenagers are exposed to these elements, they have a tremendous opportunity to maximize their physical skills at the peak years of development, which carries through everyday movement and throughout their lives. We want to build up a generation of fit kids who grow up as fit adults!

Fitness alone doesn’t work, it must be paired with fun!  Our goal is for your child to come out of CFND with a few more tools to live a life of health, without even realizing it because they had a blast doing it. This is what we strive to instill during every single workout.

Our current class offerings are:

4:00-5:00: Teens (ages 11+) Coach Marc 

4:00-5:00: Teens (ages 11+) Coach John

$80/mo for 2x/week
$65/mo for 1x/week
We do offer punchcard options