Day 1 – 11.13.17

Part of the next 6 weeks we are going to spend unhurried time working on the snatch and various pieces therein. I know it is not a favorite movement of many but all the more reason to spend time on it. Today we will test our 1 RM with the plan of re-testing in 6 weeks (with a lot of baby steps between now and then). 

We will also use “Footsies” as our conditioning tester with the intent of retesting that in 6 weeks.

Final piece, there will be a bit of a scale back in main class. However, I am going to push the same volume in this programming. If you feel you need a reset, jump on the main class programming for the next 6 weeks. 


A. Snatch – Take 12-15 min for 1 RM

B. Front Squat – 2×5@60, 2×5@65, 1×4@70, 1×3@75, 1×3@80, 1×3@85


B. “Footsies”

Burpee box jumps (24/20)
Hang power clean (115, 80)

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  1. A. 105-125xo-135xo-145xxo-150-160xx

    Soo today was a weird snatch day. My pulls felt strong even though I kept missing. When I got to 145 I took a break to talk to Marc about this weeks programming & I had trouble getting back into a groove. I hit 150 pretty easily so I said screw it & went for 160 twice but missed both times. I was really cold today & definitely didn’t warm-up enough.

    B. Didn’t do since I have the competition this week. Front squats always crush me. Thinking about it now, I should have just stayed light & worked on form, crap.

    C. 4:47
    It is amazing how good I feel since I didn’t drink in October & I have cut back since! All of my workouts the past few weeks have felt awesome. Burpees usually bury me but I kept a good consistent pace on them today. Hang cleans are pretty easy for me so I hit all 3 sets UB. No-repped myself on the first rep of 9 HPC because I didn’t take a good pause in the hang before cleaning it, so did 10 reps there.

    70 GHD situps before I got my usual GHD headache.
    1 minute plank hold x 2


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